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    Catalogs & Brochures

    PRG Cover

    NEW! 2020 Seymour Midwest Partner Resource Guide (Click Image for PDF Download)

    THE DIFFERENCE IS REAL™! Seymour Midwest’s refreshed 2020 Partner Resource Guide has comprehensive information on our ever-expanding product line. We believe that simple always wins and as such have worked diligently to create a Partner Resource Guide that is both intuitive and simple to navigate. There’s a reason we don’t look like other companies in our category – we still offer more tools for more specialized applications and markets.

    Coatings Cov

    NEW! 2020 Midwest Rake Coatings Application Tools Product Catalog (Click Image for PDF Download)

    Seymour Midwest is a recognized leader in specialized tools for the floor and surface coating markets and for the installation of decorative concrete and concrete overlays. Our comprehensive catalog introduces our full range of solutions.

     Striking Tool Cov

    2018 Seymour Midwest Striking Tool Catalog (Click Image for PDF Download)

    All-new for 2018 is the Seymour Striking Tool product line including a comprehensive offering of: Hammers & Sledges, Axes & Mauls, Picks & Mattocks and Bars / Wedges & Tampers. Fifth Generation NXT Fiberglass brings a whole new level of innovation and differentiation to the Striking Tool category. Our Striking Tool catalog is organized in a simple-to-follow grid format and the complete product assortment aligns with our new Brand Hierarchy: Seymour S500 Industrial™ and Seymour S400 Jobsite™. The Difference is Real™!


    Easy Squeegee™ Cov

    Midwest Rake EasySqueegee® Product Flyer (Click Image for PDF Download)

    We didn’t invent the squeegee, but we did perfect it! New for 2018 and recently voted a 2018 Most Innovative Product at the World of Concrete trade show! Learn how your jobs can benefit from the industry-leading precision, predictability, versatility, and simplicity the EasySqueegee® provides.

    Branding 2018 Cov

    2018 Branding Initiative & Feature Benefit Flyer (Click Image for PDF Download)

    Seymour Midwest brand hierarchy makes our products easy to merchandise, easy to buy, and easy to sell! Our brand hierarchy is intended to provide a quick and easy visual reference for where each of our products fit in the hierarchy while also providing visual continuity at the point-of-purchase.

     Coatings Sampling Cov

    Midwest Rake High-Performance Floor & Surface Coating Tool Sampling (Click Image for PDF Download)

    Midwest Rake is the coating and application squeegee side of our Family of Brands. This is a small sampling of our high-performance floor and surface coating tools. From our new EasySqueegee® line to our Shoe-Ins, this flyer focuses on our most popular and sought after coatings tools.

    Safety Cov

    High-Visibility Structron and Seymour Safety Product Lines (Click Image for PDF Download)

    Our new Structron® and Seymour® Safety lines are an excellent addition to any construction crew looking to increase worker visibility & safety during daylight & nighttime hours. Like high visibility safety clothing, Structron® and Seymour® Safety tools are safety green and utilize 3M® Series 3300 tape accents made of highly retroreflective microprismaticmarkings, designed to enhance visibility and detection, and exceed the reflectivity values of ASTM Type III.

    CoatingsPro Featured Story

    Featured Article, "The Specialty Tools of Our Trade," in the 2017 Equipment Supplement of CoatingsPro Magazine  (Click Image for PDF Download)

    Ryan Miller, our Division Manager for Coatings Tools, wrote a guest feature in the 2017 Equipment Supplement of CoatingsPro Magazine - a nationally known monthly magazine for coatings professionals that has over 30,000 readers.

    Lake & Pond Weed Maintenance Tool Flyer (Click Image for PDF Download)

    Seymour Midwest is not just lawn and garden and coatings tools. We also have specialty aquatic tools as well. We have screening rakes, lake rakes, the aquatic weed eradicator (AWE), and several other items that help lake house or pond owners keep their water clear of debris. This brochure highlights several of those specific tools.

    Link Initiative Cov

    Link Handles Product Initiative 2018 Flyer (Click Image for PDF Download)

    We offer the industry’s widest selection of replacement handles, made from American hickory and American ash, which help you extend the life of your trusted tools. With over 8,000 handle patterns available, we can provide an exact match that fits the tool with an ergonomically-superior turned design. Our handle shape always works with the user. The handle becomes an extension of the body to provide better comfort, control, and safety.

    SpeedSqueegee 2019 Brochure

    Midwest Rake® SpeedSqueegee™ Product Flyer (Click Image for PDF Download)

    New for 2019: four unique styles of blades (flat flex, flat stiff, scalloped notched and v-notched) provide the installer with options in the field as to how to best accomplish their project. They are a complete ready to use tool, one-piece frame & blade (not replaceable). Click the flyer to learn more!